Memory service (Wakefield)

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About the service

The Wakefield memory service provides specialist assessment, diagnosis and treatment for people with memory problems.

Assessments usually take place in an individual’s home, with diagnosis and follow up visits being held in a clinic setting. Treatment is usually the prescription of an anti-dementia medication that helps to treat Alzheimer’s.

The memory service works as part of a larger health and social care support network for people with memory loss. This includes working alongside Wakefield admiral nurses to provide support for carers and families. Our local partners include GPs, social services, physical health services, the voluntary sector and other Trust mental health teams who can help if someone has a higher degree of need. We work closely with Wakefield Carers and the Wakefield Alzheimer’s Society for non-medical treatment and support, as well as social services for help with social care needs.

Referrals to our team usually come following an individual’s consultation with a GP. This ensures that a physical reason for memory problems is ruled out and that some basic health screening has already been completed.

Resources for advice/support

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Why would someone choose the service?

The Wakefield memory service is easily accessed via your GP and our staff are friendly and approachable.

We make sure that we use language and information that is easy to understand and avoid using jargon and acronyms.

Information and advice from our team are always available and we will help you to work at your own pace and always respect your wishes.

Our use of patient satisfaction surveys means that we are always trying to improve the service we offer based on the feedback we receive from service users.

Staff you may meet