Standards of care when working with potential or actual positive Coronavirus cases

13 April 2020

We put the person first and in the centre

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) presents a significant challenge. As a caring employer, patient, staff and public safety is always our first priority. As such, we are committed to ensuring all staff who are providing health care, have access to the resources they need – including, where appropriate, protective equipment for their health, safety and wellbeing.

Managers at all levels are aware of the incredible hard work that is being undertaken by our staff, in one of the most difficult times ever experienced by the NHS. They also understand that some people are feeling anxious and concerned in these unprecedented times and that a small number of staff have been reluctant to carry out their duties. It is important that we support these staff to feel safe and confident whilst ensuring we all continue to uphold high standards of professional practice and compassion.

The refusal to care for a service user because they have possible or confirmed COVID -19 is not acceptable and not in keeping with Trust values or expected clinical and professional standards. A service user who has possible or confirmed COVID -19 should not receive any less care or support than any other service user.

With this in mind; we do have high expectations of our staff to continue to provide compassionate clinical, nursing and personal care. The law imposes a duty of care on practitioners, whether they are professionally registered or non-registered staff, so it is vitally important that managers are made aware of any concerns to enable them, with the help of corporate services such as Occupational Health and Infection Prevention Control, to offer guidance and support.

If any member of staff is feeling anxious about continuing to provide clinical, nursing or personal care, they should, in the first instance speak to their line manager. HR, Occupational Health Services and staff side reps can also provide additional advice and support to staff.

Tim Breedon                                                                      Dr Subha Thiyagesh

Director of Nursing & Quality                                             Medical Director

Deputy CEO

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